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Medications that work?

Hi all,
I've been on Nasocort AQ nasal spray to help with my chemical sensitivities. It has definitely helped me be less sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals that produce an allergic/asthmatic response in my body. However, it's really freakin' expensive. Are there any other nasal sprays or other meds that folks have found helpful?

FWIW, I react particularly badly to chemical fragrances and smoke. I don't have quite as intense a reaction to other kinds of chemicals and smells.
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i have a similar issue with just general air particles; from dust and mold to chemicals and smog... even just high humidity can do it.

nasocort seems to be the best of the "allergy sprays" for me as well. im not sure what the pharmacological difference is between that and the 5-6 other sprays that seem to be targeted at typical allergy sufferers (and not general sensitivity or sinusitis, which nasocort does mention specifically in advertising)...

ive only gotten my hands on one sample bottle of nasocort and can't really afford to actually fill that Rx regularly, either.
i was digging through the bag of old samples from when i was still seeing allergists (before they decided it was either food or just sinusitis), and decided to try Beconase spray just because i had yet to give it a shot...

it seems to be actually helping a little, which is more than i can say for any of the others i have tried. i dont know if its actually any cheaper, though...
i happen to have gotten a bunch of samples myself over the years and a bunch from friends who tried a few and gave up on them... but, the market for allergy meds is so high, there are very few such examples of cheap versions, and not many options for generic substitutes. same deal with asthma meds...

have you looked into canadian or offshore mail-order pharmacies? some of them have such stuff really cheap if you know that med works for you...