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i'd rather stink

I typically don't use an antiperspirant. I use the deodorant crystal (alum salts or something like that) on a day to day basis, though it doesn't always work--notably when I'm on my period. On those days, I either skip deo altogether, or I use something fragrance-free, like Almay.

Today, I wanted to wear a dress that stains easily, so I put on the Almay to prevent sweat stains. I've had it for awhile, but rarely use it since this bottle tends to make my sick. I use to use this brand and version all the time. The ingredients list *no* possible "hidden" masking fragrances and it's labeled fragrance free.

Well, today, it's done a doozy on me. Migraine, nauseousness, tight throat, increased PN problems... typical MCS reaction for me. I finally realized I was feeling super crappy and washed myself. That wasn't enough, so I took another shower and really scrubbed at my pits...

Has anyone had this problem with Almay's frag-free gel lately? I probably bought it earlier this year and it's NEVER had a scent like this before when I've bought it. It's a sickly sweet perfume smell. I need to ask my husband to toss it in the trash for me. ugh. and now i have to go about cleaning the dress without damaging it. it's not hard, but it's troublesome.
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