Broken, beaten and damned. (angel_one) wrote in mcs,
Broken, beaten and damned.

Intro post and question

Hi Everyone - new here and thought I'd introduce myself.

I don't (to my knowledge) have MCS myself, but I do have hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia and a few other health issues that could quite likely be the result of all the chemicals in our living environment. I have also been plagued with allergies that have only worsened over the years. I am allergic to animals (bunnies and cats worse than dogs) but I love them, and I have a service dog. I try to have his fur shaved monthly and bathe him regularly and I have a ton of lint rollers. I can never seem to keep a vacuum working.. they always break down.

Anyhow, all things considered, I have decided to look into "cleaning up" my life - replacing my skin and hair and cleaning products with chemical free all natural ingredients. I am moving soon and will look for a place without carpeting. I should probably invest in a better HEPA vacuum and air filter. Any other suggestions are very welcome.

Besides the internet - can you tell me places to buy these types of products, preferably reasonably priced? I am a college student so I have very little money.
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