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Chronic Pain Relief Blog

Hey all,
I wanted to let folks know about my new blog. I am an MCS sufferer. I also have a variety of chronic pain conditions including Fibromyalgia, sciatica, RSI, TMJ... OK, I won't list them all cause that's just depressing. Anyway, I've started a Blog that's about specific ways of coping with chronic pain - I'll be posting product reviews, research articles, relaxation methods, and my own sarcastic commentary. Basically just about real-world pain management for when the pharmaceuticals alone just aren't cutting it. Realistic, but with a positive, proactive spin.

You can find it at:


It's brand new. Stop by, and say hello. If you have a blog you'd like me to link to, let me know (especially if it mostly deals with physical and mental health issues or pain).

There's an RSS feed available, if anyone wants to syndicate it for LJ.

Thanks :) And please let me know if this post is not appropriate for this community! I'll be glad to remove it.
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