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Oh yeah..

Oh yeah.. continuing from the last entry, family people/friends.. or whoever, just think that these reactions I'm having to all this stuff is just stress because my mom has breast cancer and has had it for the past 8 years or so. and I have to deal with all that and it went away for a while and it came back and spread to her bones and liver. So, she's really sick from the chemotherapy and I more or less have to look after everything at home because my dad is never home. Also, I started doing really poorly in my school work because it's really hard for me to do it at home, I need to be in a class room, where I can ask my teacher/classmates a bunch of questions. and well.. I've been having a lot of problems with friend lately, so that adds to the stress. Anyways, I was just wondering if it is possible for stress to trigger my reactions to chemicals and make them worse. And.. I apologize for that long boring thing I just posted, I uhh.. have no life, so might as well waste time typing crap on here for random people to read. But yeah, if anyone can help me.. just comment on one of the posts.
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stress can totally add to it. in more than one way, too. on a really immediate mechanical level, i tend to have a certain amount of the sensations just filtered out so i can get by, but certain kinds of stress, or something like banging a toe into something, and i sort of lose that grip on it and all the sensation sort of floods in, and that tends to get pretty into a spiral. lately it's been starting to remind me of how bad it was when it started up, which is pretty depressing, coz i was laid out by it for a while. the stress gets aggravated by the symptoms and back & forth. i worry it's going to become overwhelming again.