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1st May 2008

angel_one3:12pm: Intro post and question
Hi Everyone - new here and thought I'd introduce myself.

I don't (to my knowledge) have MCS myself, but I do have hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia and a few other health issues that could quite likely be the result of all the chemicals in our living environment. I have also been plagued with allergies that have only worsened over the years. I am allergic to animals (bunnies and cats worse than dogs) but I love them, and I have a service dog. I try to have his fur shaved monthly and bathe him regularly and I have a ton of lint rollers. I can never seem to keep a vacuum working.. they always break down.

Anyhow, all things considered, I have decided to look into "cleaning up" my life - replacing my skin and hair and cleaning products with chemical free all natural ingredients. I am moving soon and will look for a place without carpeting. I should probably invest in a better HEPA vacuum and air filter. Any other suggestions are very welcome.

Besides the internet - can you tell me places to buy these types of products, preferably reasonably priced? I am a college student so I have very little money.

14th February 2006

chronicpainblog3:29pm: Medications that work?
Hi all,
I've been on Nasocort AQ nasal spray to help with my chemical sensitivities. It has definitely helped me be less sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals that produce an allergic/asthmatic response in my body. However, it's really freakin' expensive. Are there any other nasal sprays or other meds that folks have found helpful?

FWIW, I react particularly badly to chemical fragrances and smoke. I don't have quite as intense a reaction to other kinds of chemicals and smells.

7th February 2006

chronicpainblog2:21pm: Chronic Pain Relief Blog
Hey all,
I wanted to let folks know about my new blog. I am an MCS sufferer. I also have a variety of chronic pain conditions including Fibromyalgia, sciatica, RSI, TMJ... OK, I won't list them all cause that's just depressing. Anyway, I've started a Blog that's about specific ways of coping with chronic pain - I'll be posting product reviews, research articles, relaxation methods, and my own sarcastic commentary. Basically just about real-world pain management for when the pharmaceuticals alone just aren't cutting it. Realistic, but with a positive, proactive spin.

You can find it at:


It's brand new. Stop by, and say hello. If you have a blog you'd like me to link to, let me know (especially if it mostly deals with physical and mental health issues or pain).

There's an RSS feed available, if anyone wants to syndicate it for LJ.

Thanks :) And please let me know if this post is not appropriate for this community! I'll be glad to remove it.

3rd June 2005

morgan_dhu7:26pm: I see that this community hasn't been active for some time - is anyone still monitoring/reading this, or is there no interest, or has everyone migrated to a more active group that I haven't found yet?

FWIW, I'm 50 and have had MCS for most of my life. I'm now almost completely house-bound because I can't tolerate the toxic fumes in any public places. I'm fotunate in that I can work from home, and my friends are all willing to make accommodations in order to come and visit me - in fact, most of them keep a change of clothing here so that anything they wear will be totally scent-free. So I still have an income and a social life.

29th May 2004

crazybassist889:24pm: Oh yeah..
Oh yeah.. continuing from the last entry, family people/friends.. or whoever, just think that these reactions I'm having to all this stuff is just stress because my mom has breast cancer and has had it for the past 8 years or so. and I have to deal with all that and it went away for a while and it came back and spread to her bones and liver. So, she's really sick from the chemotherapy and I more or less have to look after everything at home because my dad is never home. Also, I started doing really poorly in my school work because it's really hard for me to do it at home, I need to be in a class room, where I can ask my teacher/classmates a bunch of questions. and well.. I've been having a lot of problems with friend lately, so that adds to the stress. Anyways, I was just wondering if it is possible for stress to trigger my reactions to chemicals and make them worse. And.. I apologize for that long boring thing I just posted, I uhh.. have no life, so might as well waste time typing crap on here for random people to read. But yeah, if anyone can help me.. just comment on one of the posts.
crazybassist888:47pm: Yeah, hi.. I'm bored and looking through random communities when I came across this one. OK, well.. anyways, reading some of the stuff in here, I was like HOLY SHIT, I can relate to.. most of it. Except for the whole smoking part since I don't smoke and never have. But yeah hi, my name is Jessica, I'm 16 and uhh.. yeah I dunno.. hi. Well, anyways perfume/cologne and other scented products have always given me extremely bad head aches for as long as I can remember. Last year, my sensitivity to chemicals got way worse. One day, this girl in my class sprayed some perfume on me and I ended up not being able to breathe and gradually started to hyperventalate, got really dizzy and was coughing maniacly. Couple guys hauled me to the office and I ended up having to be rushed to the hospital and had to get some sort of needle. About an hour later I was back to "normal" and was able to go back home. Thought maybe I was just getting sick or something.. but going back to school the next day, I ended up having to leave and go home because all the scents were bothering me so much, anyways, since it was such a small school and what not. My parents just talked to the school and they arranged to have the all the grade nines not wear perfume/cologne and what ever else. Anyways, it was near the end of the school year, so I just toughed the last few months out and had no problems during the summer, since I'm outside all the time looking after horses and what not.. not near any scented crap. School started again, and I was in a new school, the high school. There was like.. a thousand people in that school or something, not sure.. maybe more.. or less. Well, I got worse. I wasn't able to wear scented deoderant, so I had to go buy some crystal thing that didn't work at all. It kinda worked shaving your armpits every day then putting it on, but.. I'm too impatiant to wait 5 minutes for the crap to dry and only really put it on if I really needed it. Couldn't wash my clothes with the laundry detergent anymore, started getting rashes, hives, and the scent would make me have one of my "attacks". So, after months of searching, found some scent free/dye free stuff which is pretty good. and now.. it's cool because Tide has unscented stuff now. Yeah, after a while I couldn't use my shampoo anymore, found some stuff called @mosphere, it bites ass, it's like.. it didn't clean your hair, and leaves it feeling all gross. Yeah, by time October came around, I was like dying in school everyday. Ended up in the "sick room" every day. My teacher was beginning to think that I just wanted to skip Science every day since Science class was when it seemed to get worse. But, that wasn't the case. I love science. Hanging out with my friends, even just the laundry detergent they washed their clothes in gets to me. Same with other peoples shampoos, deoderants and so on. I hate all these products that say they are unscented, when really, they're not. OK, well anyways.. went to the doctor a million thousand times, and he had me on so many different antihistamines, and different inhalers I had to take at different times of the day and things I had to spray in my nose. After a month or two, I never noticed any change in anything after taking all that shit. So I stoped taking most of it, with my parents permission of course, couldn't care what the doctor said. Plus, this stuff I had to spray in my nose was starting to give me bloddy noses. The doctor said that there is nothing he could do for me and that he would schedule me allergy tests and lung tests to see if it was asthms. Those weren't for 6 months though. The school was starting to get angry with me because I was missing so much school. From September to the middle of November, I missed about a month of school. Was behind in everything. So finally, I just decided to do my schooling at home. The first month or so wasn't too bad since I got to do the rest of my Science 14 and was seeing my friends every other night without problems. But I keep getting worse. When I would go out with my friends for just a little while I would feel like shit right away. Like the worst head ache ever and start having trouble breathing. Cuz my friends don't understand anything and refuse to not wear cologne when they know they're gonna be seeing me. Had to quit my job because I had to interact with people and almost all of them had really strong perfume/cologne on. Plus, the bleach I had to clean with was giving me hives. Went to a friends wedding, stayed in a hotel.. I got hives from the sheets I slept on, had a shower and was covered in hives from the towel I used, and because they were white, I'm assuming they were washed in bleach to disinfect or whatever. I can't wash the dishes because I haven't found a dish soap that I haven't reacted to. The other house hold cleaners bother me also, just have to tough it out though since my little sister is useless.. and my mom is sick from chemotherapy. Went to my allergy tests, the doctor was very vague with the details of things he was talking about and I couldn't really understand what he was saying because he couldn't speak english very well. Turns out I'm only allergic to mold and they can't determine anything else because they have no way of testing for allergies of chemicals. Months later was my appointment with the lung specailist. he was a dink. He didn't help at all. All he said was oh, you don't have asthma, there's nothing I can do for you, goodbye and good luck with whatever and opened his door and kicked me out. So, I'm at home now, have no social life what so ever. I rarely leave the house, and when I do, I tend to have trouble breathing and chest pains if I'm around stuff. I haven't seen my friends in over two months and well, I more or less just live in a plastic bubble. and I'm sick of it. Know how it felt when you were in school and say you would end up having to miss 3 days of school because you were sick, and on that second day, you're just dying to go back to school because you're so bored and miss your friends or whatever.. well, I've felt like that for 7 months now. and I'm sick of it. I want my life back. I want to do the things I used to love to do. I want to be me again. Anyways, I forgot the purpose of this post and better stop writing before my computer freezes and I lose everything. and.. sorry if I repeated things a million times, have a bad habbit of doing that. Oh yeah, if anyone has any ideas that can help me.. it would be awesome if you shared them.
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27th May 2004

strawbryfields5:47pm: Could someone explain to me how we get these chemicals into our system?

Our generation is the first to have DDT in its liver, lead in its blood, mercury in tis brain, asbestus in its lungs, radioactive elements in its bones.

If the average American was sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for salw as food, he or she would not pass government standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th February 2004

6de6mn64:13pm: try them for free....
Try them 100% risk free


I use to hate vitamins until I tried these if you don’t believe me then just go check them out
Go there and you will never look at vitamins the same again.


You have nothing to lose they are totally free.

14th January 2004

renaissancekat11:14am: smoking
Here's the deal--I've been suffering from MCS for a couple of years now. I've always been overly sensitive to smells, but things stepped up a notch in recent years. I have also been a smoker since my early 20s and have successfully quit several times, only to start back up again. I quit again for New Year's and now, two weeks later, my MCS symptoms are flaring up again. This is what led me back to smoking those other times. The doctors all think it's weird but I can conclusively tell you that smoking dulls my sense of smell and, therefore, lessens my symptoms.

So I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm getting these awful headaches again at work due to obnoxious perfume and cologne wearers. There is nothing to be done about them--I've exhausted all options at work, and quite frankly they just don't give a shit--and the headaches get worse daily. So of course my first thought it to start smoking again. Yes, I am all too aware of how horrible smoking is for you... but I don't know what else to do!

I guess I'm not really looking for advice or sympathy, I just needed somewhere to vent. This is very frustrating. I do something good for my health, yet ultimately I feel worse, not better.

cross-posted in fragrancefree
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7th August 2003

renaissancekat1:16pm: 9-11 toxic aftermath
Toxins From WTC Disaster Harmed Fetuses

Ground Zero Pollutants Caused Babies' Small Size
By Jeanie Lerche Davis
Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
on Tuesday, August 05, 2003
WebMD Medical News

Aug. 5, 2003 -- The toxic plume at the World Trade Center disaster may have caused growth problems in babies born to exposed mothers.

A report, published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association, describes a pattern documented by doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.

The Sept. 11, 2001, destruction of the World Trade Center released a toxic atmospheric plume that contained soot, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), heavy metals, pulverized glass and cement, and alkaline particulates, writes lead researcher Gertrud S. Berkowitz, PhD, with the department of community and preventive medicine at Mt. Sinai.

In their study, Mt. Sinai doctors focused on 182 women who were pregnant and near Ground Zero -- either when the disaster occurred or within the next three weeks. They compared their findings with other pregnant patients who were not exposed to the pollutants.

Their results: There were no differences in length of pregnancies, average birth weight, preterm births, or low birth weight between babies in the two groups.

However, the World Trade Center babies were twice as likely to be smaller in size for their particular stage of pregnancy.

The main pollutants were likely PAH or the particulates, says Berkowitz. Whether there will be any long-term effects from the World Trade Center disaster is unclear and will require follow-up, suggest the authors.


22nd July 2003

renaissancekat10:44am: new member
Another sick person signing up. Let's help build this community and get more exposure!

21st July 2003

krasota6:21pm: i'd rather stink
I typically don't use an antiperspirant. I use the deodorant crystal (alum salts or something like that) on a day to day basis, though it doesn't always work--notably when I'm on my period. On those days, I either skip deo altogether, or I use something fragrance-free, like Almay.

Today, I wanted to wear a dress that stains easily, so I put on the Almay to prevent sweat stains. I've had it for awhile, but rarely use it since this bottle tends to make my sick. I use to use this brand and version all the time. The ingredients list *no* possible "hidden" masking fragrances and it's labeled fragrance free.

Well, today, it's done a doozy on me. Migraine, nauseousness, tight throat, increased PN problems... typical MCS reaction for me. I finally realized I was feeling super crappy and washed myself. That wasn't enough, so I took another shower and really scrubbed at my pits...

Has anyone had this problem with Almay's frag-free gel lately? I probably bought it earlier this year and it's NEVER had a scent like this before when I've bought it. It's a sickly sweet perfume smell. I need to ask my husband to toss it in the trash for me. ugh. and now i have to go about cleaning the dress without damaging it. it's not hard, but it's troublesome.
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4th May 2003

friedenliebe12:46pm: I went Contra-Dancing last night. It was a lot of fun! The hall was packed, but only about two people were wearing cologne. I was pleased, but still had to hold my breath while dancing with them. I only had to use my inhaler twice, which I thought was pretty good given the number of people!
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